Easy cheap marketing tips for those of us that have no time or money to do it

If you’re anything like the average person (like myself) that works hard to pay bills and just “Live” your life in this economy while trying to market a business idea or talent…..Feel Free to comment, give some advice and provide feedback 🙂

Social Media – Freeeee! – LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook (the best sites for marketing yourself and/or your product)

MeetUp.com – A great community and very informative on what’s going on, events where you can market yourself and mostly free.

Get Involved! – When you get involved in community events and/or any social setting especially locally, you become part of a group of people with your same interests..Don’t be afraid!  Make friends, Network!!

Small Business Administration – A wonderful resource for learning everything about business and how to get started.  FREEEE!!  They provide webinars and contact information for free business counseling and direction and much much more!!

These are just a few tips to help get you started.  Good Luck on your journey 🙂